More than an ethical and eco-responsible brand of clothing, the opportunity to become an agent of ecologic change.

Born from the desire to finance an NGO sustainable development project in Mali with a real impact on education, ecology, and socio-economic development in the Sahel, particularly in Mali.

Djiké makes it possible to no longer be simply a consumer but a real agent of change!
Quality rather than quantity
Products as ethical and eco-responsible as our mission
Buying a Djiké product is the guarantee of having a high-quality product designed in the most responsible and ethical way possible. Our clothes involve only the best raw materials, cultivated, or produced in a way not harmful people, animals and nor environment.
We only use GOTS certified organic cotton, recycled polyester and other sustainable materials such as Modal®.

August 12

International Youth Day.

Launch of the first capsule collection

Evolution and collaboration

man drawing on wall


Sharing and creation being in Djiké's DNA, collaborations with artists are envisaged.

They have become actor of change

"Colis reçu rapidement, qualité excellente, je trouve le principe de la marque au top, alors foncez et n'hésitez pas à dévaliser la boutique, je porterai avec fierté ce sweat sur la scène du stade de France au Rockin’1000 le 14 mai 2022"

- Nicolas

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